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Newsletter November 2017

iOS11 update 

Some weeks ago Apple launched her new iOS-version. Unfortunately this update (iOS11) doesn’t work well with our current SimCPR app for iOS.
So, if you have updated your Apple device to iOS11 it will not work with SimCPR….
In the meanwhile we found the solution and will have an update within a couple of weeks.
We will inform you as soon as the SimCPR app update is available in the App Store.

ERC congress 2017

SimCPR had her first international kick-off at the ERC congress in Germany with many interested visitors at our booth.
We noticed that especially professional responders were able to get high scores (above 95%).
Some instructors were disappointed the first time with quite low scores. After trying a few times, they saw their scores going up.
Mostly medical staff was asking us if SimCPR can also be used during a cardiac arrest.
At this moment SimCPR is only for training but we will investigate how it can be used as a life saving device also.

New elastic SimCPR-wristband

We had some complaints saying that our silicone wristband is difficult to close. We agree. So, we made a new one!
Our new elastic wristband fits large and small wrists, making it also suitable for children (an important target group for us).

This wristband is very easy to close/open with a Velcro-strip. We hope you like it.

You can order it now as the ‘Elastic SimCPR-wristband’.